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In the last 20 to 30 years, the problems of environmental pollutions throughout world have become from bad to worse. Pollutions form all types of chemical products are increasingly posing a threat to consumers. As a result, more and more people are turning to nature??s resources for food and medical supply. Natural herbs such as Chinese herbs have also gained popularity as the answers to healthcare and medical treatment.

Chinese medication normally includes plants, animal products as well as minerals. In Malaysia, a great variety of herbs are also found on the plain land, mountain regions and undersea territories, which provide a rich source of natural herbs. The writer, Mr. Tiang Koon Chang (Tiang Zung Kiat PJK) has developed since childhood days a love for Chinese herbs. He has compiled a book named ??Raw Chinese Herbs?? as a response to meet the needs of those who show great interest in Chinese medical treatments, especially in the efficacy of Chinese herbs.

After years of study and researches, aided by additional knowledge gained through consultation with experienced herbalists both local and abroad, he succeeded in developing a unique herbal preparation called ??Yik Poh Ling.?? Subsequently, he set up his own company Tiang Trading to produce and market his unique preparation.

The product, dully tested for several times by the Ministry of Health, has been officially approved for sales distribution. It is hoped that this preparation will prove conducive for the maintenance of general health & well beings among the people of all races in Malaysia.

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